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Protecting your rights in a Florida divorce

Nine out of every 1,000 Florida marriages end in divorce. And while you may have never thought it would happen to you, you want to be treated as more than another statistic. You want and deserve to have your divorce dealt with respectfully and professionally. There is a divorce law firm in Lake City that understands. The lawyers at Robinson, Kennon & Kendron, P.A. have helped hundreds of men and women — and their families — get through the divorce process with dignity while making sure that their rights and best interests are protected.

Understanding the process

There are basically two types of divorces (also called a dissolution of marriage): uncontested and contested. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree on the terms — including the parenting plan and division of property. An uncontested divorce is less expensive and less stressful, relatively quick to complete and does not need to go to trial. Even in a relatively amicable situation, your Lake City divorce lawyer can help make sure that the terms are fair to you.

contested divorce is complicated — and you need an experienced advocate to make sure that your rights are protected, that you get what you have a reasonable right to expect, and that your children’s future is safe and secure. Steps in a contested divorce generally include:

  • Your Robinson, Kennon & Kendron divorce attorney files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, if you are the spouse seeking a divorce. If your spouse filed the petition, we answer and counter on your behalf.
  • Financial Discovery occurs.
  • Custody and visitation matters (now called the parenting plan) are resolved.
  • Upon completion of Financial Discovery, a mandatory mediation conference will be held. Most issues are settled at mediation, in which case an agreement will be drafted and signed.
  • If agreement still cannot be reached, a temporary relief hearing will be held. Sometimes, it comes down to the judge deciding the outcome.

While every effort is made to help you and your spouse come to terms as early in the process as possible, it is your attorney’s job to make sure that your best interests are protected — and your Robinson, Kennon & Kendron attorney will aggressively pursue those rights and interests. We can also assist you in creating or revising an estate plan that reflects your new family situation.

Get aggressive representation from accomplished divorce lawyers in Lake City

A Lake City family law attorney from Robinson, Kennon & Kendron, P.A. will provide you with compassionate guidance and vigorous representation through your entire divorce process. To schedule a confidential consultation, please contact the law firm online or call 386.755.1334.

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